The process of providing best quality rice starts from the fields, where the farmers grow the best quality,Rich suppliers & certified paddy grains. the secret to the Finest, Basmati 1121 Rice, Longest and the Tastiest Rice lies in selecting Superior quality grains.

Once the paddy grains are harvested, they are analyzed by the Quality Experts, who then hand pick the Best grains.

We are acknowledged in the Industry as one of the most stupendous Manufacturers of Long GrainĀ Basmati Rice. We provide refined rice that is extremely delicious in taste. Our product range includes Basmati Parboiled Rice, Steam Basmati Rice, White Basmati Rice, and many more.

These selected grains then reach our Factories, where the Quality Control Department, after analyzing many parameters like Purity, Length, Aroma etc.send them to the Inventory Department.

Now the paddy grains are Classified according to the parameters provided by the Quality Control Department.

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When the Paddy Grains are ready for Milling, they are Cleaned and fed into our Latest Rice Milling Plants.

These plants are very sensitive and efficient. they mill the Paddy while maintaing the highest Hygenic conditions. Also during the process of milling, main thrust is on protecting the Nutritional Value of the grains.

After the milling process, Basmati Rice, the Basmati Rice is cleaned and prepared for further processes.

The Process of Sorting out the Damaged or Discoloured grains is very difficult task, but with the use of Cutting edge technology provided the Leading machine suppliers like SATAKE(JAPAN) and BUHLER(ENGLAND), this is done flawlessly.

After removing the broken grains (if Required), the rice is ready to be packed.

The packed rice is then stored in our godowns, from where the deliveries are made to the customers.